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Can students download and print Power Points, Word Documents, etc in Moodle?:

Yes. However, some individual PC settings can have minor difficulties with this. If you have experienced a problem with this, please contact


Do I have to be in college to login to Moodle?

No. Moodle is web-based which means that you can login from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and the appropriate Login, Password and enrolment key (if required).


Enrolment - How do I join a course?

Once you have logged in successfully you can select the course you want to participate in. If you are prompted for an "enrolment key" - use the one that your tutor has given you. This will "enrol" you in the course. You can now access the full course. From now on you will only need to enter your username and password to log in and access any course you have enrolled in

External Access - I have problems logging in from home.

You might have problems logging in if your computer has a firewall, for example ZoneAlarm or Norton Security. For those using ZoneAlarm, here is the fix:
  1. Open ZoneAlarm Privacy properties
  2. On the Site List tab click Add button and add the site ( to the list
  3. Once listed, right click the site and select Options from the context menu
  4. In the Site Options property window uncheck everything on the Ad Blocking tab and then click Apply.
For those using Norton firewall, the fix is available at the Symantec Support website. 


How do I login to Moodle?

Use the username and password that has been given to you by your tutor or programme manager to log in.

If you are a new user and your login failed, please make sure that you entered your username and password correctly before contacting .


Moodle - What does "Moodle" mean?

 Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment


Where can I find Moodle documentation?

There is a great deal of context sensitive help built into Moodle. In many places (especially next to where choices can be made) you will see the help button - a small question mark in a (normally yellow or blue) circle. This will provide immediate help on that issue. There is also a comprehensive documentation site available at This is under development and is currently biased towards Administrators and Developers but is worth being familiar with. There are also some books available.

Why do I get a blank screen when I try to open a Powerpoint or other Office documents in Internet Explorer?

If you are finding that PowerPoint documents (and Word, Excel etc) don't display well in your Internet Explorer (IE) browser, either prompting you for a password or just showing a blank screen, then you are encountering a well-known problem with IE.

The best solution is to alter your settings so that IE doesn't try to embed the Office documents within it's own display, and instead, will download the document and tell PowerPoint to display the document normally (as a helper application).
Here's how to change the setting (in Windows):
1. Double-click My Computer.

2. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.

3. On the File Types tab, in the Registered file types box, click to select the file type that you want to change. For example, click to select PPT Microsoft PowerPointPresentation.

4. Click Advanced.

5. In the Edit File Type dialog box, click to clear the Browse in same window check box, and then click OK.

6. Click Close to close the Folder Options dialog box.
Alternatively you can use a different browser like Firefox, Mozilla or Opera.